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Center for Changing Lives - Liberia
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Inspiring Hope & Changing Lives
Changing the lives of at-risk Liberian children by improving their quality of life and restoring their hope and dignity through the love of God, and empowering them to actively participate in the development of their community.
Meet Philip Nushann
Executive Director and founder, F. Philip L. Nushann, Jr. was born and raised in Liberia in Western Africa. As a young adult he worked with children and youth orphaned during the Liberian Civil War before moving to Minnesota to attend Luther Seminary. Philip’s dream was to return to Liberia following his education to help a new wave of orphaned children, this time by the Ebola and AIDS epidemics. Philip’s Clinical Pastoral Education experience at Lutheran Social Service Center for Changing Lives shaped his vision of how best to serve Liberian orphans.

How We Serve
The Center for Changing Lives - Liberia provides a unique combination of services including education, healthcare, and after school programs. Philip ardently articulated his vision to colleagues, friends and strangers resulting in the Partnership for Community Transformation, a 501(c)(3) organization established to make that dream into a reality.  
Full tuition coverage and school supplies
After School Programs
Classes emphasizing life skills and empowerment (computer, arts and crafts, music, sewing and cultural classes)
Clinic services for first aid treatment
(c) Partnership for Community Transformation
Contact: pact_mn@outlook.com ||| 646-479-6788
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